The San Marco Club welcomes all interested alcoholics who are of legal age to become members and help us in our purpose which is to provide a great facility for meetings and fellowship.  Joining The San Marco Club is easy.

Simply pay the monthly dues of ten dollars at the snack bar or online and you immediately have membership privileges. Membership dues paid annually between January 1st and March 31st  are only $100  saving you $20.00. Join The San Marco club today! It is your opportunity to give back and be a part of the recovery process by insuring that meetings are there for the next newcomer.

Members are vested with the right to vote, sign petitions, or initiate action for special meetings, ninety days after initial payment of dues. At such time their active membership conveys the privileges of participating in Club business meetings, seeking elected offices, and voting on all matters brought before the membership.
Active members may occupy the Club during scheduled operating hours, in accordance with established practices and may sponsor guests for brief visits.
Members are responsible for the conduct of any guest they bring into the Club.

Any member who has 20 years of both consecutive membership and continuous sobriety may be considered an Honorary member. An Honorary member
may contact the President or Treasurer and arrange to suspend payment of dues for the current year.

 Remember if you pay your dues between January 1st and March 31st for the year, you save 20.00. 

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