The San Marco Club of Jacksonville Fl. is not referred to as an "A.A. Club". It is separate from Alcoholics Anonymous and set up as a 501(c)(3) non-profit support organization which supports itself through membership dues, meeting donations and special events. The Club provides meeting space and a place of safety for alcoholics and friends and families of alcoholics to recover.

The Club leadership starts with The Officers, consisting of the President and Vice President (elected) and The Treasurer and Secretary (appointed) . The Executive Committee, consist of three elected members. The Board of Directors are combined, Officers and Executive Committee (seven members).  The Club  has a snack bar serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily for members and their guest and also sells A.A. literature.

The Club is an invaluable asset to the City of Jacksonville at a time when social services in the form of detox centers, outpatient facilities and jail facilities are being strained to the breaking point.  Donations to The San Marco Club will directly impact in a very effective way hundreds of people trying to do the right thing and become better citizens.

Membership meetings usually take place on the second Wednesday of each month (subject to change) and all members are encouraged to attend. The Board of Directors also meet monthly to discuss club operational issues and to ensure club by-laws are upheld. Elections are held at the annual membership meeting.